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can-5-kg-mat-so-6-inches can-5-kg-mat-so-6-inches
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SCALE 5 kg

6 inches single dial face

• Product code:              NHS – 5

• Measuring range:       200 g – 5 kg

• Graduation value:       20 g

• Degree of accuracy:    4 

• Product dimensions:  (210 x 210 x 230) mm

• Net weight:                   1,2 kg

can-5-kg-mat-so-6-inches can-5-kg-mat-so-6-inches




Single face scale 5 kg is a light capacity scale being widely used in markets, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, families and so on.


►Measurement range: 200 g – 5 kg

►Graduation value: 20 g

►From 200 g to 1 kg: the maximum permissible error is ± 10 g

►From 1 kg to 4 kg: the maximum permissible error is ± 20 g

►From 4 kg to 5 kg: the maximum permissible error is ± 30 g

►Dial face diameter: 6 inches

►Product dimensions (L x W x H): (210 x 210 x 230) mm

►Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): (210 x 180 x 210) mm

►Gross weight: 1,42 kg

►Stainless steel round pan (H: 38 mm, Diameter: 206 mm)



✅ Scale housing is shaped from mild-steel and coated with electrostatic powder paint, which increases durability and protects from external environment.

✅ Dial face is made of ABS plastic. With numerical values and markings are digitally printed with high quality, the scale divisions can be read easily. 

✅ Springs are made of standard Carbon steel for flexibility, Nickel plated or black plated to prevent form corrosion.

✅ Cotter pins are made of stainless steel.

✅ The other parts are made of mild-steel, coated with anti-rust Nickel.



✅ Products are checked according to ĐLVN 30:2019 (in accordance with OIML R76-1:2006). Scales are stricly manufactured and controlled under the Quality Management System ISO 9001.



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